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Date: Monday, 6 February 2023, 11:02 PM

1. What type of tutoring services does Mind Grow Go offer?

Mind Grow Go offers 2 types of tutoring services:

1) Traditional face to face tutoring - our tutors will meet students in libraries or at student's homes (Limited to Atlanta Metro Area. Please contact us for more details).

2) Online tutoring - our tutors meet live with students in our online learning rooms. Click here for more information about online tutoring.

Tutoring rates range from $30 to $50 per hour and discount packages are available. Contact us for a detailed price quote.

2. What forms of payment does Mind Grow Go you accept?

We accept the following:


Personal Checks

Square Payments ($mindgrowgo)

PayPal Payments

3. What subjects does Mind grow Go cover for tutoring?

We currently tutor:

Basic Math (Pre-Algebra)



Check our course catalog for all of our course offerings.

4. How does online tutoring work?

Using their computer's webcam, the student is able to have a live online session with the tutor. There is a white board visible on the screen that both the student and tutor can see and write on. This allows the tutor to view the student's work live, providing the same benefit as being face to face.

5. What does a virtual classroom look like?

Online tutoring at Mind Grow Go utilizes virtual classrooms based on subjects known as Learning Room courses. These courses contain all the necessary tools to effectively teach students online. Below are the main classroom components:


The calendar shows all of the students scheduled tutoring sessions. Calendar event notifications can sent  directly to mobile devices via the Moodle app.

Live video conferencing link

Link to start the live video conferencing session. Live sessions will only take place during scheduled times.

Live Video Conference

The live video sessions have a whiteboard feature were the student and teacher can write in real time on a single display just like if the teacher and student were in an actual classroom.

Student Work Database

This database gives the learning room teacher access to the actual material the student is working on. The student is required to upload their work with a smart phone via the Moodle app before the tutoring session takes place. All work in the database can be accessed by the student and teacher at any time.

Subject Reference Material

Supplementary online textbooks in PDF format are available as tutoring session teaching aids, further references and providing additional practice problems. Students can access the reference material at any time.

6. What equipment is required for online tutoring?

First you must register for a Mind Grow Go account and enroll in a Learning Room course. Enrollments are manually entered by the site administrator after fees are paid and a scheduled meeting time is agreed upon. 

Required Equipment

A desktop, laptop or tablet (Windows, Android and I-Pad) computer 

equipped with:

-internet access



-audio output (to be used with headphones)

-the latest web browser

-the ability to load and run the zoom software application (free download)

* Note most laptops and tablets will have all of the features listed above.

A tablet computer with a stylus (stylus shown below, can be purchase on amazon for less than $10) is a highly recommended  cost effective setup.

7. Using the Moodle app for Mind Grow Go

The Moodle mobile app is used in conjunction with All features of the site are available through a mobile device browser.  The app is mainly used for mobile notifications of course activities such as assignment due dates, test dates, etc. and provides the ability to scan and upload  documents to the website.


7.1. How do I install the Moodle App?

Step 1

If you do not have a existing account, create a new one CLICK HERE.

Step 2

Download the Moodle App

Apple Users CLICK HERE 

Android users CLICK HERE 

Step 3

Enter the site address

Step 4

Enter your account username and password

Step 5

Verify that your mobile device's notifications are enabled for the Moodle app

7.2. How do I to upload course assignments?

7.3. How do I upload documents to the student work database?