5. What does a virtual classroom look like?

Online tutoring at Mind Grow Go utilizes virtual classrooms based on subjects known as Learning Room courses. These courses contain all the necessary tools to effectively teach students online. Below are the main classroom components:


The calendar shows all of the students scheduled tutoring sessions. Calendar event notifications can sent  directly to mobile devices via the Moodle app.

Live video conferencing link

Link to start the live video conferencing session. Live sessions will only take place during scheduled times.

Live Video Conference

The live video sessions have a whiteboard feature were the student and teacher can write in real time on a single display just like if the teacher and student were in an actual classroom.

Student Work Database

This database gives the learning room teacher access to the actual material the student is working on. The student is required to upload their work with a smart phone via the Moodle app before the tutoring session takes place. All work in the database can be accessed by the student and teacher at any time.

Subject Reference Material

Supplementary online textbooks in PDF format are available as tutoring session teaching aids, further references and providing additional practice problems. Students can access the reference material at any time.